Skeleton OpenDaylight Application for Hydrogen

We have been writing OpenDaylight applications for quite some time & I see that there are lot of samples already available, but what I most of the times want is a skeleton project which I could just import in eclipse & its good to go with writing code. So a skeleton project with all the wiring already done is my frequent need.

So I have created a skeleton project for OpenDaylight which has everything bare minimum needed to start with a OpenDaylight application.


  • You should already have OpenDaylight Hydrogen source code downloaded & working with eclipse.


  1. Pull the code of a blank/dummy hack application from my git.
  2. Copy this project under “controller/opendaylight/” where other opendaylight modules are present.
  3. Import this project into eclipse as a Maven project.
  4. Start putting in your code & you are good to go.


Once you build the above project, it will install a jar in target folder of the project. There are two ways of testing.

  1. Copy this jar manually into plugins folder of distribution.
  2. Make a entry into the parent & opendaylight root pom for this new module & rebuild.

Let me know, if you find any issues in deploying this hack or setting it up, in comments below.