Understanding OpenFlow

There is alot of content around OpenFlow on internet in bits & pieces, I thought of collating everything into one document that can be used as a reference.


 You can also download this paper from my blog at Understanding OpenFlow


2 thoughts on “Understanding OpenFlow

  1. Biswajit Sadhu says:

    Asynchronous messages are generated from the open flow switch and not from the open flow controllers. This statement needs to be corrected.
    Asynchronous messages are sent without a controller soliciting them from a switch. Switches send
    asynchronous messages to controllers to denote a packet arrival or switch state change.


    • Oops! A typo of “from” and “to”. I’ll correct it and upload the new document. Thanks for catching it!

      Also, further in the secure channel section I have listed all asynchronous messages are exchanged & that pretty much says it all.


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