Path of a packet with OpenDaylight managing OpenFlow devices

What I have tried to stitch together in this post is how a packet flows between a OpenFlow enabled network device to the controller which processes it (& how or using which interfaces) and return back path of the packet.

You might have seen the standard OpenDaylight architecture as below already.

ODL_ArchitectureFirst, it is important to understand the above diagram briefly, to lay the expectations:

  1. OpenFlow Enabled Devices: This is the network infrastructure that is managed via OpenDaylight. In this case OpenFlow plug-in.
  2. Protocol Plugins: OpenDaylight supports these protocols for managing your network devices. One of the plugins is OpenFlow.
  3. Service Abstraction Layer (SAL): Magic! This layer does all the plumbing between the applications and the underlying plugins.
  4. Controller Platform: These are the applications that come pre-bundled with OpenDaylight to manage the network. (You can write your’s too!)
  5. Network Applications: These are applications with leverage REST NBI of OpenDaylight to build intelligence. Here is a sample Network Statistics SDN Application that I have done!

Now, below is how packet flow from network to OpenDaylight & back to network takes place:


  1. A packet arriving at a network device will be sent to the appropriate protocol plugin of OpenDaylight which is managing the switch.
  2. IPluginOutDataPacketService: The plugin (in our case OpenFlow Plug-in) will parse the packet, generate an event for Service Abtraction Layer (SAL) for further processing.
  3. IListenDataPacket: SAL will dispatch the packet to all the modules listening for DataPacket. These could be existing OpenDaylight applications like ARP Handler of your applications.
  4. IDataPacketService: Application/Module does the processing on the packet as per the business logic built and sends a PACKET_OUT using IDataPacketService.
  5. IPluginInDataPacketService: SAL recieves the DataPacket and dispatches it to the modules listening for plug-in DataPackets. In this case OpenFlow plugin.
  6. OpenFlow plugin then sends the packet back to the switch from where the packet was originated.

This is as per my understanding & if you think I have missed something or you need more details and code samples, let me know.


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