What is Mininet? Simple explaination

Starting on to experiment or learn SDN concepts? So where do you start?

Baseline requirement to do/experiment anything in SDN is the need of network devices with OpenFlow. So, how do you go about it and how do you get it?

First way to go about it is buy real hardware from vendors who have OpenFlow enabled switches in market, which can be extremely expensive, time exhausting and bad way to experiment.

Second, you could get Mininet.

Mininet is a software emulator for prototyping a network on a single machine.

Simply put, this is all it takes:

  1. Run just one command (sudo mn) on Mininet, and you get,
  2. Network topology with hosts & devices, which is connected to
  3. A bundled SDN Controller


So, Mininet can be used to quickly create a realistic virtual network running actual kernel, switch and software application code on a personal computer.

Now, with Mininet in your hands, you can experiment with OpenFlow, play with the topology you want, learn concepts and also, build SDN applications easily.

Mininet proved to be a great kickstarter for me & opened up the space for me. There is already so much help available on Mininet but I’ll write as I find new or different things in it.


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