Installing 32 Bit OpenDaylight on Virtual Box

Few days back one of my collegues, was trying to install OpenDaylight on 32Bit Virtual Box and couldn’t find all the instructions in one place, so he created step-by-step guide to install a 32Bit virtual box and Opendaylight.

With his permission, sharing it here.

Section A : Installing 32Bit Virtual Box

Step 1: yum install binutils qt gcc make patch libgomp glibc-headers glibc-devel kernel-headers kernel-devel httd httd-devel unzip php-soap zip

Step 2: cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

Step 3: wget

Step 4: ls and make sure the virtualbox.repo is present

Step 5: yum install SDL

Step 6: reboot and update the kernel changes.

Step 7: Download the required virtualbox(4.2.12). You can get vesion VirtualBox-4.2-4.2.12 or VirtualBox-4.3-4.3.14_95030_el5-1


Step 8: install ‘rpm -ivh VirtualBox-4.3-4.3.14_95030_el5-1’

Step 9: Set vboxdrv service on in the default pool level

 chkconfig vboxdrv on

Step 10: check the service status

service vboxdrv status

All these instructions are also available as part of a Youtube link here.

Section B : Installing 32 bit OpenDaylight OVA on Virtual Box.

Step 1: Download the SDN Hub Tutorial OVA from this link

Step 2: Open VirtualBox and import the ova and start the ova.

These steps help anyone willing to bring up their OpenDaylight & Dev environment inside an Ubuntu based virtual machine.


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